How They Live

Compiled and edited by Teo Yee Chin

We first ran this folio of plans in TSA:11 in 2017. The intent then was to bring in different residential plan typologies to challenge assumptions and break the tyranny of the standard unit plan. These images describe homes from different social groups and different localities around the world. They are drawn at the same scale.

With the current focus on the foreign worker dormitories, it is timely to re-publish this online. (See last plan in the series) It is important for architects and designers to ask some key questions while understanding the differences in standard of living across the board. What defines quality of living conditions? Does high density necessarily equate to low quality? If communal living is desired, how can we improve the plan? Lastly, the elephant in the room - how much integration of these living quarters into the urban fabric can society accept?

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