The Singapore Architect has over the years produced an issue, per year or two, focused on sustainability.  The upcoming issue will again highlight the urgent crisis that sets our planet and civilisation on the trajectory to its impending end.

It will be an issue focusing on environmental sustainability, but more particularly on the constructed "nature" of Singapore. We have much greenery on our island now, but the nature is carefully designed, manicured and engineered. The sustainability of our ecosystems are debatable and always provisional, as can be seen from the clearing of Bukit Brown for the new Thomson highway.

In this issue, we hope to not just expose the gaps in our efforts to be sustainable, but also to identify the contradictions embedded in such efforts to navigate the increasingly complex web of narratives. Featuring projects by SERIE/Multiply, Freight Architects, WOHA, Forum and FARM.

TSA 15_Constructed Landscapes

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