The national mandate to improve productivity has transformed the building industry to embrace new methods of construction, harnessing prefabrication and mechanisation. Projects of certain size and type, such as housing, have had to embrace buildability as the new paradigm of design. However, some architects have struggled to find the elegance and character in these solutions. Others prefer to dwell in bespoke and intricate constructions in smaller scales, steering clear of these broader discussions.

Are beauty and buildability really mutually exclusive, and are craft and automation diametrically opposed? The next issue of The Singapore Architect takes a hard look at whether these recent initiatives do compromise architectural quality. We will look for inspiration in well-built projects, and at the same time explore broader definitions for buildability.

Featuring works by LAUD, PRODUCE, ADDP & LOOK Architects. Also, a conversation with the technical research institute of Japanese contractor Kajima, KaTRis.

TSA 17_ Beauty vs Buildability

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